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What are some myths about hearing loss?

5 Myths about Hearing Loss:

1.) Hearing problems are rare. WRONG. Well over 10% of the population suffers from a hearing loss. It’s not a shame to wear a hearing aid, it’s a shame not to stay in touch with the people around you.

  1. 2.) Hearing aids can correct your hearing 100%. WRONG. While new hearing aids compensate for many losses, they cannot restore normal hearing. They can help you get the most listening enjoyment from the hearing you still have.
  2. 3.) Hearing disorders only affect the elderly. WRONG. More than half the people with reduced hearing are under the age of 65. It can affect people of all ages.
  3. 4.) I’ve heard that my type of hearing loss can’t be helped. WRONG. In most cases, nerve deafness can be helped through amplification. Now there is hope for those who have been told they couldn’t be helped.
  4. 5.) It’s too expensive to get a really good hearing aid. WRONG. The very best hearing aids are will within the reach of most people. Any way you look at it, a hearing aid could be the best investment you can make.