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The ConnectLine app for iPhone

2 million people can control their hearing aids with their iPhone® . Now you can too.

ConnectLine™ transforms all Oticon wireless hearing devices into wireless headsets.

Streamer Pro is the heart of ConnectLine. It lets millions of Oticon wearers sync their hearing devices with their iPhone, and all sorts of other Bluetooth™ enabled devices. Streamer Pro does all this without constantly draining your batteries. And it allows you to enjoy the more natural, stereo listening experience that every wireless Oticon hearing aid provides.

Connect with a world of entertainment, information and ideas.


Now your phone calls, favorite music, mobile and computer video chats, podcasts, TV, live performances and presentations can be streamed into your hearing devices via the Streamer Pro. And it can be controlled with your iPhone with our free Connectline App for iPhone. ConnectLine is designed to connect millions of hearing device wearers with the world of entertainment, information and ideas. Best of all, ConnectLine works with every style of Oticon wireless hearing device at every price point. This includes all of our custom In-the-Ear styles as well as our Receiver-In-The-Ear models. So whether you’re already an Oticon hearing device wearer, or purchasing for the first time, ConnectLine can connect you with ease.



Download the free ConnectLine™ App from the App Store and pair the iPhone with Streamer Pro 1.2. Then select input sources, adjust volume, choose programs, name programs and much more.


System Requirements:
To use the ConnectLine App with an iPhone and the new Streamer Pro 1.2 App, you will need an iPhone 5s®, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, or iPhone 4 with iOS 7 or later.