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Our Services

Hearing Exam

A hearing screening can pinpoint the exact area of hearing loss and allows our audiologists to determine the right hearing instrument for you. We ensure an accurate assessment by testing you with a variety of methods including an audiometric test for frequency-specific sensitivity, and a volume test to measure the mobility of the eardrum. A full comprehensive hearing exam also includes a word recognition test to evaluate hearing clarity in speech, and an otoscopic exam to see any earwax, foreign objects, or signs of fluid.

On-Site Hearing Aid Repair

The staff at Ear Center Audiology can repair your hearing aids while you wait. If there is a problem that we can’t fix, we are able to send your hearing aid out to a repair lab.

Same Day Fit

Ear Center Audiology offers the most advanced digital and programmable hearing aids in today’s market. The new reciever-in-the-ear style has been very successful among our patients because it can be fit with all types of hearing loss. This style has also made us able to fit our patients with new hearing aids at their first appointment!

Diagnostic Balance Testing

The doctors at Ear Center Audiology specialize in performing the following tests for patients who are experiencing balance issues, dizziness and/or tinnitus: Computerized Dynamic Posturography, Videonystagmography, Electrocochleography, and Auditory Brainstem Response.

For more information on our services, please call one of our offices: 

Dearborn (313) 562-4485, Canton (734) 455-5141  or  Warren (586) 754-2230.