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Latest News

Inium Wireless Technology

Posted on: 15-Jul-2014

Hearing aid technology that supports the way the brain works Maintaining signal fidelity is the key – here is how we do it. Oticon’s core technologies are designed to support the way the brain works. By preserving the natural characteristics of the signal, our technologies assist the brain in the process of organising, selecting and [...]

The ConnectLine app for iPhone

Posted on: 15-Jul-2014

2 million people can control their hearing aids with their iPhone® . Now you can too. ConnectLine™ transforms all Oticon wireless hearing devices into wireless headsets. Streamer Pro is the heart of ConnectLine. It lets millions of Oticon wearers sync their hearing devices with their iPhone, and all sorts of other Bluetooth™ enabled devices. Streamer Pro [...]

Hearing Assistive Technology Systems

Posted on: 30-Apr-2012

Posted on: 03-Apr-2012 Hearing assistive technology systems (HATS) are devices that can help you function better in your day-to-day communication situations. Increased distance between a listener and a sound source, competing background, and poor room acoustics can all make hearing difficult especially for the hearing impaired listener.  HATS can be used with or without hearing [...]

Advancements in Hearing Aid Technology

Posted on: 20-Apr-2012

Posted on: 06-Jul-2011 While there is no cure for hearing loss, the continued improvements in hearing aid technology are incredible.  Speech recognition technology, automatic directionality, and feedback cancellation are just a few of the features available in today’s hearing instrument market.  In addition to these advancements, blue tooth connectivity has enabled hearing aid users to stream sounds [...]

Introducing: Oticon Agil

Posted on: 20-Apr-2012

Posted on: 11-Mar-2011 Now you can take an active part in any conversation. Oticon Agil allows you to make intuitive sense of your surroundings – even in situations where many sounds compete for your attention. And Oticon Agil lets you do all this while demanding less of you. You could call it the confidence to [...]