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BrainHearing: Maximizing Hearing and Listening

Posted on: 02-Mar-2015

Tech Topic | March 2015 Hearing Review Changing the game by changing the focus. By Douglas L. Beck, AuD Douglas L. Beck, AuD As we move beyond our current approach that centers on correcting for hearing loss to an approach that emphasizes feeding the brain optimal information about incoming sound, we can do a better job of allowing [...]

Inium Wireless Technology

Posted on: 15-Jul-2014

Hearing aid technology that supports the way the brain works Maintaining signal fidelity is the key – here is how we do it. Oticon’s core technologies are designed to support the way the brain works. By preserving the natural characteristics of the signal, our technologies assist the brain in the process of organising, selecting and [...]

The ConnectLine app for iPhone

Posted on: 15-Jul-2014

2 million people can control their hearing aids with their iPhone® . Now you can too. ConnectLine™ transforms all Oticon wireless hearing devices into wireless headsets. Streamer Pro is the heart of ConnectLine. It lets millions of Oticon wearers sync their hearing devices with their iPhone, and all sorts of other Bluetooth™ enabled devices. Streamer Pro [...]

Hello world!

Posted on: 19-Apr-2012

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!