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About Us

The Doctors of Audiology and experienced, friendly staff at Ear Center Audiology have dedicated themselves to helping the hearing impaired for over 20 years. We confidently guarantee that you will be satisfied with our exceptional personalized hearing care services. We sincerely believe that you deserve to be happy with the look and feel of your hearing instruments, and we take pride in offering unlimited possibilities to our loyal patients.

We accept all major insurances including Blue Cross Blue Shield, HAP, Medicare Advantage, Blue Care Network, United Health Care, Erickson Advantage, Ford-GM-UAW and more. We also offer 18 months of interest-free financing, and we price-match to ensure that our patients not only recieve the best care, but the best price as well!

Don’t miss out on life’s special moments any longer. Better hearing is possible. With today’s advancements in hearing aid technology, coupled with the experience of a Doctor of Audiology, you can expect improved hearing in noisy situations and greater, more natural hearing like never before.

Ear Center Audiology Difference
A quick chart of the differences in service of Ear Center Audiology and a typical Hearing Aid Dealer:

Services & Benefits Ear Center Audiology Typical Hearing Aid Dealer
Services & Benefits Ear Center Audiology Typical Hearing Aid Dealer
Check for Hearing Loss
Free Trial Demonstration
Same Day Fit
Service all Makes & Models