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Inium Wireless Technology

Hearing aid technology that supports the way the brain works

Maintaining signal fidelity is the key – here is how we do it.

Oticon’s core technologies are designed to support the way the brain works. By preserving the natural characteristics of the signal, our technologies assist the brain in the process of organising, selecting and following sounds, helping users to get easier access to speech and what is going on around them.

Natural fidelity and sound quality

The best way to improve speech understanding is by maintaining natural signal fidelity and sound quality simultaneously. Our technologies enable us to capture more spatial and speech cues and preserve their acoustic properties, manipulating them only when extreme conditions threaten to distort the primary signal.

Digital and wireless sound processing


Our latest quad-core signal processing platform, Inium, delivers the unique combination of exceptional performance, incredibly small size and low power consumption. This is how Oticon raises the bar in speech understanding, sound quality, wireless connectivity and listening effort, and opens a wide range of personalisation opportunities.

Watch a video explaining Inium:

Inium Wireless – YouTube

Inium is available in the following hearing aids: