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Ear Center Audiology is Michigan’s premier provider of hearing aids and hearing related services.

Call our Dearborn office at (313) 562-4485 or Warren at (586) 754-2230 for a same day appointment.


Our Doctors of Audiology are happy to provide free consultations.

Call (313) 562-4485 to set up a free same day consultation.


Call (313) 562-4485 to make an appointment for a same day fitting.

For your convenience the same day hearing aid fitting is offered with a free trial.


We offer 100% digital, programmable hearing aids that are so small only you and your doctor will know you are wearing them.

Call (313) 562-4485 to make an appointment for a same day fitting and a free trial evaluation.


Don't Be Fooled
by slick advertising

Thank you for trusting your hearing health to the experienced doctors and specialists at Ear Center Audiology! We confidently guarantee your complete satisfaction with our products, along with the service you will receive at each of our offices. Learning about your lifestyle, hearing “habits”, and your hearing expectations will help guide our experienced clinicians in our quest for the best hearing instrument for you.

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